Achievements & Acknowledgements

Annual Reports

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Academic teaching

  • ['18] Student P. Zyska is awarded the MLP Leistungspreis 2018 for his Bachelor thesis on "Verilog code generation of a Cache Coherency Snooping Protocol with extended PDA"

Research Projects & Third-party funding

  • ['20] Cost coverage confirmation of the MPC-group Baden Württemberg for FPGA test environment.
  • ['19] Member of the SEPIA project consortium to apply for the BMBF program ZuSE. Proposal reached final stage of the application process but was not funded.


  • ['22] Invited by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to peer review for the Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems
  • ['21] Invited by the IEEE Photonics Society to peer review for the IEEE Photonics Journal
  • ['20] Invited member of the Technical Program Committee for the 2020 ISAIC International Symposium
  • ['07-'11] 10 IBM Invention Achievement Awards for granted patents
  • ['10] IBM High Value Patent Invention Achievement Award
  • ['09] IBM Second Plateau Invention Achievement Award
  • ['08] IBM First Plateau Invention Achievement Award
  • ['07] IBM First Patent Application Achievement Award
"Thanks to an outstanding team at IBM, the Institute of Computer Engineering at Heidelberg University and all invisible contributors and supporters acting in the background to make this happen!"

Course of Studies

  • ['11] Dr. rer. nat (PhD equivalent) issued 'magna cum laude', Alumni
  • ['01] Dipl. Inf. (MScCE equivalent) issued 'with honors'

Business & Academic Career

Business Career

Project Manager at Dialog Semiconductor and Chief Project Manager (CPM) at Volvo Construction Equipment Germany GmbH.

Advisory Engineer and Research Staff member at the IBM Research and Development GmbH.

Development Engineer at the Fraunhofer Institute of Autonomous Intelligent Systems.

Working student at Fujitsu Siemens Technology Solutions GmbH and student research assistant at the University of Mannheim.

Project Manager (PM) and Chief Project Manager (CPM)
Research & Development ['11-'15]
- Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) for mobile devices
- Compact Wheel Loaders (CWL) in the small and mid-size range

Research and Development Engineer ['03-'11]
- IBM Power Microprocessors of the P- and Z-Series
- Integrated optical detectors in standard CMOS SOI processes

Development Engineer ['01-'03]
- Printed circuit boards (PCBs) for autonomous mobile robots
- Control algorithms for autonomous mobile robots

Working Student ['98-'00]
- Optimization of digital circuits
- State machine editor and optimizing HDL generator
- 8B/10B en-/decoder for a DC-balanced coding scheme

Academic Career

Professor of Computer Engineering at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences.

PhD in Science (Dr. rer. nat.) at the IBM Research and Development Gmbh and the Dpt. of Optoelectronics, Heidelberg University.

Master of Science Computer Engineering (Dipl. Inf.) at the Institute of Computer Engineering, Mannheim University.

Professor of Computer Engineering ['15- today]
- Digital and Electrical Engineering, Silicon Photonics
- Electronic Design Automation, Electromagnetic Simulation
- Computer Architecture, Opto-Electronics

"The Vector Wave Propagation Method" ['07-'11]
PhD thesis at the Institute of Computer Engineering,
Heidelberg University
Supervisor: Prof. Brenner, Heidelberg University
1st Reviewer: Prof. Brenner, Heidelberg University
2nd Reviewer: Prof. Griese, University of Siegen
Grade: A "Magna Cum Laude"

"Modellbildung und hybride Regelung des Brine Heaters einer MSF Meerwasser-Entsalzungsanlage" ['01]
Master Thesis at the Institute of Computer Engineering,
Mannheim University
Supervisor: Dr. Gambier, University of Mannheim
1st Reviewer: Prof. Badreddin, University of Mannheim
2nd Reviewer: Prof. Marquardt, RWTH Aachen
Grade: A+ (with honors)