Electrical Engineering

The course 'Electrical Engineering' is an online course. Students attend from lecture halls or from home. Local presence is not required.

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Electrical Engineering ✓*
*Lab is mandatory if enrolled for the course 'KdG Electrical Engineering', otherwise optional

Course Records

Module Content Notes Video Lab
1 Charge and current, electric and magnetic vector field, potential and voltage, conductance and resistance [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
2 Energy and power, thermal conductivity, ohm's law, series and parallel circuits, ohm's power law [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
3 Voltage and current divider, linear sources, measuring current and voltage, Kirchhoff laws, Kirchhoff network analysis, superposition, Norton and Thevenin equivalents [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
4 Alternating voltage, generator, superposition of AC voltages, beat frequency, phasor diagrams, rms value [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
5 Electric field, capacitance, series and parallel circuits, ideal and real capacitance, Q-factor, capacitive voltage divider [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
6 Magnetic field, inductance, induction, magnetization and hysteresis, energy in inductance and capacitance, power and power factor [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
7 Complex numbers, introduction to complex AC calculus, absolute and phase, RLC circuits [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
8 Thevenin theorem of AC calculus, decibels, input and output impedance, low pass filter [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]
9* Transmission line theory, telegraphers equation, characteristic impedance, impedance matching, voltage standing wave ratio [PDF] [MP4] [TGZ]

*optional content, not part of the examination


[1] Practical Electronics for Inventors, Scherz & Monk, Mcgraw-Hill Professional, ISBN 007-1-77133-6
[2] The Art of Electronics, Horowitz & Hill, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-0-521-80926-9