Digital Engineering

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Digital Engineering

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1 Positional number systems, decimal and binary format, accuracy, Shannon information theory and the unit Bit [PDF]
2 Number wheels, One's and Two's complement, K-Excess code, IEEE-754 format [PDF]
3 Introduction to Boolean Algebra, truth tables, ones zeros and don't cares, multiplexer [PDF]
4 Sums and products, sum of products, product of sums, canonical forms [PDF]
5 Boolean optimization, KV-diagrams, Quine-McCluskey algorithm [PDF]
6 Logic hazard detection, classification and elimination [PDF]
7 Digital storage, latch and flip-flop, master-slave principle of operation [PDF]
8 Multiplexer, shift register, counter, adder, pipelining principle of operation [PDF]
9 Static timing analysis, setup and hold test [PDF]
10 Deterministic finite automata, state transfer and output functions [PDF]


[1] Introduction to Logic Circuits, La Meres, Springer Publ., ISBN 978-3-319-34194-1
[2] Digital Design, Wakerly, Prentice Hall Publ., ISBN 978-0-130-89896-8
[3] CMOS VLSI Design, Weste & Harris, Addison Wesley Publ., ISBN 0-321-54774-8
[4] Digitaltechnik, Fricke, Springer Publ., ISBN 978-3-8348-1783-9